I grew up using a camera, in a household where the arts including photography were as important as hunting, fishing, or sports might be to most families. My father was in the newspaper business and when I was 12, I began using a process camera that was big as a refrigerator and sat on rails. It seems almost comical to me now, but the fundamentals of light and film were my indoctrination. It was a start.

I grew up in a small mid-west community that is a unique micro collective of American culture. Countryside 5 minutes away and Kansas City 25 minutes away.

My photo work is for you.

If curiosity brought you to this page, you already understand me. It is curiosity for life, the places, people, beauty and passions that compels me to photography. I want to capture the spirit within it for the great joy of sharing it with others. To know that what I see, you see, that what I feel, you feel. The feeling of curiosity you have is the feeling I have everyday when the sun rises and I know there is something to discover today. It gets me out of bed, it decides where I go and how far.

I love the voice of people in our democracy and I have participated through my photography over the last 2 years, including Occupy KC demonstrations, March Against the War on Women rallies at the State Capital, March Against Monsanto, The Justice for Daisy Coleman Rally in Maryville Missouri and the Counter protest Opposing a Nazi-Rally in KC.